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What would Bristol bring to the Premiership?

What would Bristol bring to the Premiership?

There has been plenty of talk in recent months about the merits or otherwise of ring-fencing the Aviva Premiership.

On the whole, the only people who seem keen to see the end of the one-up, one-down system are the money men at the clubs already in situ.  

For the fans, pundits and casual observers, the system is integral to the enjoyment of the league. A new team, promoted from the Championship, can bring a whole new dimension to the league. It's a new address to tap into the satnav and a new set of supporters to welcome into the rugby family.  


Some have simply flourished since entrance to the top league. However, for every Exeter Chiefs there is a London Welsh, however win less seasons are no reason to to stop this basic element of competitive sport. 

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