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Kyle Eastmond and Ross Batty show support for Urban Rugby Squad

Kyle Eastmond and Ross Batty show support for Urban Rugby Squad

Bath Rugby’s Ross Batty and Kyle Eastmond joined young people in Trowbridge on Thursday night to help promote the Urban Rugby Squad programme.

Over the course of the ground-breaking initiative, Premiership Rugby’s Urban Rugby Squad is estimated to reach 1,000 young people from non-traditional rugby communities across England.

The programme includes practical sessions built around personal workshops that focus on areas including anger management, drugs/alcohol misuse, sexual health and physical fitness assessment.

The event in Trowbridge is delivered by the Bath Rugby Foundation, is hosted weekly and is aimed at young people between 13 and 17.

“It is such a good event and I am only too pleased to come down and support the scheme,” said Batty. “Rugby is such an inclusive sport and helps teach youngsters some basic important skills for life.

“It’s about controlled aggression, discipline, shaking hands with your opposition after the game, a family environment and I can see the benefits immediately with the youngsters involved in Trowbridge.

“Anyone can play rugby – whether it’s 50-year-old guys, women or youngsters, and whether they’re playing tag or touch rugby. It’s inclusive for anyone who wants to get involved.

“I am happy to be a role model for the programme and give my time, it doesn’t take a lot for me to come and visit Trowbridge and if seeing a professional player inspires more people to get involved then that’s a good thing.”

Premiership Rugby, in partnership with BT Sport’s The Supporters Club, the broadcaster’s initiative that aims to build a better world through sport, and Restart Rugby, the Official Charity of The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA), Urban Rugby Squad is running across all 12 Premiership Rugby clubs with a festival in the summer of 2016.

And Bath centre Eastmond is convinced the nationwide scheme will continue to grow after seeing firsthand the impact it is having on youngsters.

“It’s such a brilliant evening and I can only encourage people to come along and get involved,” he said. “Rugby has so many transferable skills like discipline, it was a great night and I am privileged to have been involved.”

If you would like to come and get involved, sessions are held at Trowbridge Town Park, BA14 8AH on Thursdays between 1830 – 2000 – please contact is Joe Aygul on 07743 774 043, for more information. 

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