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Harlequins launches 5.5% corporate mini-bond

Harlequins launches 5.5% corporate mini-bond

Harlequins is delighted to confirm today (Monday 18th April) that it has launched its first corporate mini-bond, the Harlequin FC Bond.

Through the Harlequin FC Bond, the Club hopes to raise a targeted amount of £7.5 million which will be invested in furthering the Club’s long-term ambitions of building new audiences at home and abroad, expanding the horizons of the professional game, growing the business, and remaining in the top tier of professional rugby to the further the Harlequins name. The aim is to underpin sporting successes with commercial success to lay the foundation for the next 150 years.

Commenting on the announcement Harlequins Chief Executive David Ellis said: "I am delighted to announce the launch of the Harlequin FC Bond and to offer our supporters the opportunity to be part of the next chapter of Harlequins’ story.

"The proceeds will enable us to invest in the Club and take us to new levels and to continue to stay ahead of the game as it grows. Our goal is to be the best rugby club in Europe and the best sports club in the world.

"The focus for the Club is to continue to invest in the areas that positively impact the business including our players, supporters, partners, community projects and the Harlequins Foundation, enabling us to build on our commercial achievements and contribute to our long term future success, both on and off the field."

The Harlequin FC Bond is subject to a minimum investment of £2,000 per applicant and thereafter in multiples of £1,000 and offers investors interest at a rate of 5.5% (gross) per annum, paid in cash semi-annually, over an initial five year fixed-term. Harlequin FC Bonds are not transferable, cannot be traded and are unsecured.

The Harlequin FC Bond offering is available until 13:00 on Monday 16th May 2016 and during the Bond Priority Period, which ends on Tuesday 3rd May 2016, priority will be given to Harlequins Members, Debenture Holders, Box Holders, Executive Club Members, Official Partners, Sponsors and Suppliers as well as 2014/15 and 2015/16 match ticket purchasers.

All Applicants for the Harlequin FC Bond (whether successful or not), together with two of the Applicant’s nominees, will be eligible to join The Quarters Club, which offers members  exclusive offers and opportunities to apply to take part in events with Harlequins.

For more information on the Harlequin FC Bond and how to invest, please visit

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