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Bloggers’ Bench member Justin Starr on rugby’s concussion protocols

Bloggers’ Bench member Justin Starr on rugby’s concussion protocols

George North goes on one of his typically barnstorming runs only to be stopped metres from the line by Mike Brown, writes Bloggers’ Bench member Justin Starr.

The sad reality is that both of these players potentially may miss the World Cup due to their on-going concussion. The World Cup and that game in particular just wouldn’t be the same without either of these two players.

A settlement that would see many former American football players compensated for concussion-related injuries has recently been approved by a federal judge. How long is it before a similar situation arises here for former rugby players; how long before parents of young children begin questioning whether or not their child should even begin playing the wonderful game; how long before schools are longer allowed to teach rugby? I like what Saracens are doing with their concussion sensors and their findings will be interesting and potentially pivotal to the future development of the game.

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