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Blogger Justin Starr’s Premiership XV of the season

Blogger Justin Starr’s Premiership XV of the season

I have put together my premiership XV of the season – a difficult task, writes Bloggers’ Bench member Justin Starr

What criteria do you stick to; how many games must each player have played; if a player has been injured for over half of the season yet still played really well, do you pick them? In the end, I decided to go for the fifteen players who have left their mark on the premiership this season and deserve their place with my XV through consistency, game time and impressive performances. This is a personal opinion and some may argue that other players may be better in those positions, but this is my premiership XV for this season.

15 Anthony Watson – twinkle toes himself. In broken play, he can find the tinniest gap which can move play quickly down field, or alleviate pressure in the 22. He has spent parts of this season on the wing and only found himself playing 15 for England after Mike Brown’s concussion, but he has quickly adapted and his style of play has allowed him to showcase what he can do in that position.

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