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Philadelphia trip is a huge honour for Saracens’ Nathan Earle

Philadelphia trip is a huge honour for Saracens’ Nathan Earle

Helping to expand rugby’s reach across the globe is something Nathan Earle is relishing as he prepares to head stateside with Saracens once more.

The talented winger toured with the Saracens side that played in New York against London Irish in 2016, and Aviva Premiership Rugby is jumping across the pond this week – this time to Philadelphia.

The Wolfpack will be taking on Newcastle Falcons in the second ever top-flight game on foreign soil, and as the sport begins to take off in the US, Earle revealed it is a huge honour to have Saracens flying the flag for rugby once again.

“Trying to promote the game in a different country is always really important, so I cannot wait to see what the place will be like to play in and it should be a great crowd too,” the 22-year-old said.

“I think we have to advertise the game as much as we can, as a player you have an accountability to try and push the game and do whatever you can to promote rugby.

“When you’re abroad it’s obviously tough but it’s really starting to expand in the US because they love their contact sports, and hopefully we can do something special out there on and off the pitch.

“I think we’re all excited, especially for the US boys, as they can bring their club to their home country. It’s nice for them to hear a few familiar accents too and they’re looking forward to it.”

The European champions can expect warmer conditions to that in the UK when they play in Philadelphia, but that’s something the Wolfpack has been getting used to this summer.

Mark McCall took his men to Bermuda as the side trained in the sweltering climate as part of a tough pre-season.

It may have been unorthodox but Earle believes the squad benefitted greatly from the tour and admits another opportunity to play abroad will only strengthen the camaraderie within the side.

He added: “I’ve not been to Philadelphia but I went with the lads to New York so it’s a new city and new experiences.

“It’s always great to go abroad and when you have an opportunity to go away with rugby and be with your teammates you cannot ask for more. It will be hotter than England which is always a bonus as well, personally.

“You learn to train abroad and there’s a number of things you have to contend with such as different conditions, the jetlag, and trying to be as fresh as you can be is really important. The camaraderie you can get from being out there is something you cannot get anywhere otherwise and that massively helps during the dark days.

“We have a responsibility and hopefully we can put on a show for everybody who comes. To be selected to go out there again as a club is massive for us. I certainly never get tired of going to different places to play rugby.”

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