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Full RFU decision on Saracens’ Brad Barritt and Richard Barrington

Full RFU decision on Saracens’ Brad Barritt and Richard Barrington

The charges against Sarcens’ Richard Barrington for dangerous charging, contrary to law 10.4(g), and team-mate Brad Barritt for dangerous tackling, contrary to law 10.4(e) were heard in London this evening.

The case against Barrington was dismissed and is free to play again with immediate effect. Barritt pleaded guilty and was given a three-week suspension. He is free to play again on Tuesday 31st January.

Barrington was sent off by referee Ian Tempest in the weekend’s Aviva Premiership match between Saracens and Exeter Chiefs for making contact with the head of Geoff Parling of Exeter Chiefs.

In the same incident, Brad Barritt tackled Geoff Parling dangerously, making contact with his head and was subsequently cited by the citing commissioner.

The RFU Disciplinary panel said: “Following very careful analysis, the panel found that Mr Barrington had not committed the act of foul play alleged. The incident arose out of the specific dynamic of Mr Parling falling unconscious into what would have otherwise been a legitimate contact by Mr Barrington.

“In line with the new sanctions a mid-range entry of six weeks was imposed on Mr Barritt reduced to three weeks in light of mitigation including his guilty plea.”

The RFU Disciplinary panel comprised of Jeremy Summers (Chairman) with Tom Rees and Dr Julian Morris.

Full judgement and footage of the incident will be available on this link in the next few days:

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