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Christian Wade: Teammates

Christian Wade: Teammates

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

Last week we took a look at Bath Rugby through the eyes of Taulupe Faletau, and next up it’s the turn of Wasps flyer Christian Wade.

Who’s the tightest with their money? Kearnan Myall is pretty tight but everyone else is pretty generous here I think. It would’ve been Danny (Cipriani) last year – he’s definitely one of the tightest guys around!

Who’s the dressing room DJ? Me! Well me or Josh Bassett, I’ve got the Beats, the Pill and speakers and stuff, Spotify obviously. You don’t need to ask if the music’s good! I like to appeal to everyone so I play a bit of what everyone wants!

First on the dancefloor? Definitely Michael Le Bourgeois! He’s one of the new boys and he likes to go and dance a lot, I’m not saying he’s any good at it but he’s definitely the first one!

Worst tattoo? It would’ve been James Haskell for sure, he’s got that horrendous fish thing on his foot, it’s horrible! But not too many others have tattoos in our squad, Marcus Watson has a nice one of the Olympic rings on his back, and then he’s got the England lion as well from the Commonwealth team.

Most nervous in dressing room before game? Joe Simpson. But he’s not one of those ones that you can see is nervous, he just talks a load of nonsense so I reckon he probably is!

The hardest trainer? After myself…would be, Elliot Daly would be up there, he charges around like an energizer bunny most of the time!

My sporting hero? Growing up it was definitely Michael Jordan, just for the amount he achieved as a sportsman. In terms of rugby, obviously I came into the sport late but Jason Robinson and Shane Williams were two guys that I looked up to.

Who would make a good DoR? I’m still trying to learn about our new boys but I think someone like Matt Mullan would be pretty good. I’m more saying forwards because they usually become DOR’s! Ashley Johnson works with a couple of teams coaching, Jack Willis has got some good leadership qualities and knowledge of the game.

Quickest in the squad? I am the quickest in the squad! Haha, no we don’t really have anything that would determine that, GPS depends on the day and stuff but we’ve got a lot of quick boys like myself, Elliot Daly, Joe Simpson, Dan Robson, Marcus Watson, Ambrose Curtis, it’s extensive!

Most skilful? Probably Dan Robson, he’s pretty skilful, and then we’ve got Billy Searle now as well, he’s got some tricks and I’m sure we’ll see some of that this year. Ambrose (Curtis) is from the sevens circuit and he’s got great footwork, Gaby Lovobalavu and Marcus Watson have the skills to pay the bills!

Worst dressed? Alex Rieder – he’s just got that dad kind of dress! But I don’t think dad-dress is the right thing to call it because not all dads dress that badly! He’ll be wearing stuff like bootcut jeans with some baggy, stripy polo shirt with either gym trainers or Birkenstocks!

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