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RFU Disciplinary Hearing: Dylan Munro

RFU Disciplinary Hearing: Dylan Munro

Dylan Munro of Harlequins appeared before an Independent Judicial Officer this morning.

He was shown a yellow card by referee Charlie Gayther, 7 seconds into the Premiership Rugby 7s match between Harlequins and Northampton Saints on Friday 13 September 2019.

This was for tackling, charging, pulling, pushing or grasping an opponent whose feet were off the ground, contrary to Law 9.17.

Munro accepted the charge and was given a four-week suspension by single Judicial Officer, Matthew Weaver.

Weaver said: “This was an unfortunate incident in which the player had a split second to make a decision whether or not to contest for the ball. By not doing so, it created a situation where the Northampton Saints player was contacted in the air, causing him to come to ground landing on his shoulder and head simultaneously.

“I am satisfied that there was absolutely no intention on the player’s part to commit an act of foul play but that it was reckless.

“The sanction table for this offence mandates a mid-range entry point because there was contact with the head. The player accepted the charge, has a clean record and was very remorseful for the action and outcome. He is therefore entitled to the maximum mitigation of 50% which reduces the sanction to four weeks.

“Because the sanction has been imposed in a 7s tournament, it is possible to convert those four weeks to matches.

“The player will miss the remainder of the Premiership Rugby 7s tournament on Saturday (up to a maximum of three matches) and will serve the balance of weeks remaining in the Premiership Cup fixtures thereafter.

“The final dates of his suspension will be confirmed once the Premiership Rugby 7s tournament has concluded.”

For background detail on panel members please click here

For RFU Regulation 19 please click here.

For the 2019/2020 sanctions table (RFU Regulation 19 Appendix 2) please click here. 

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