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Teammates: Tom Cruse

Teammates: Tom Cruse

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

Ahead of Sunday’s Derby Day clash against Worcester Warriors, we quizzed Wasps front row Tom Cruse

Who’s the tightest in the squad? I’ll go for Joe Simpson. He’s got long pockets and short arms. He’s never seen at the bar but he’s always out and about so he must have a bit of cash!

Who’s the dressing room DJ? If you’re lucky enough to get into the dressing room early, it’s actually our kit-man Pudsey. He listens to all sorts of music. Josh Bassett’s actually our game-day DJ but you might end up with S Club 7 or country music if Pudsey’s left his iPod on shuffle!

Who’s the first on the dance floor on a night out? Josh Bassett, definitely. And to be fair to him, he’s got some moves as well and a spicy dress sense!

Who’s got the worst tattoo? There’s a few candidates. There’s rumours of Kieran Brookes having a tattoo of a new girlfriend, but whether that’s true or not I’m yet to find out! He’s also had one removed so he’s obviously got previous.

Who’s most nervous before a game? I’ll go with Tommy Taylor. Generally, just before we go out there will be a puddle of sick and you know exactly whose it is. You can hear him wrenching while we’re trying to get messages on board before we go out.

Who’s the hardest trainer? I’ll go with Brad Shields. Pretty intense bloke. He’s really chilled off the pitch but as soon as he starts training he’s a really good trainer and leads by example.

Who’s your sporting hero? Not a rugby player. I’ll go with Eric Cantona. I’m pretty much from a football family growing up in Manchester so I was lucky enough to grow up when he was at United and I definitely looked up to him.

Who would make a good future coach? Jimmy Gopperth. It’s something that he might go into. I know he does a little bit with Craig Hampson at a local rugby club in Coventry, and I think he’d make a good coach.

Who’s your best friend in the squad? Alex Rieder. We spent a couple of years at Rotherham together in the Championship. Some grittier times, some humble times, and then I came to Irish and he went straight to Wasps and we’re back reunited.

Who’s the quickest? Josh Bassett. In a race, he’d probably win that.

Who’s the slowest? Charlie Matthews. He’s not blessed with fast touch fibres unfortunately.

Who’s the most skilful? We’ve got a few but I’ll go with Elliot Daly.

Who’s the joker? Joe Simpson again. He’s always up to something, but really rubbish jokes. He plays the long game. There was one point last year where he told me he used to dip the person next to him’s padlock in water and wait for it to rust. Eventually the padlock wouldn’t work any more and the person couldn’t get stuff out of their locker. This was like a three month practical joke that only he knew about!

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