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Toby Flood: Teammates

Toby Flood: Teammates

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

And this week, it’s the turn of Newcastle Falcons fly-half Toby Flood.

Who’s the tightest player in the squad?

Alex Tait. It’s not even a question. He doesn’t pay for anything. He won’t come out for a coffee, he makes his own at home and puts it in a flask. It’s appalling.

Who’s the dressing room DJ?

Josh Matavesi likes to think he is because of his gangster roots being from Cornwall! Then Chris Harris normally has a very good Spotify playlist before the game. It’s between those two, but I’ll side with Chris because he’s continually better than Josh. Josh has his moments, but in terms of a constant performance, it’s Chris.

Who’s the first on the dancefloor on a night out?

Jon Welsh, but because he’s there by mistake when he thinks that the catering is on the other side of the room! He’s probably the first one there.

Who’s got the worst tattoo?

There’s so many in our team. Glen Young has got an awful tattoo. Sam Stuart has got one in a place that we can’t mention. Tom Penny has got a terrible tattoo, I think he got drunk in Thailand and got something across his chest, it’s appalling.

Who’s the most nervous in the dressing room before a game?

Most players have got routines so you don’t really know if that’s part of their routine. Mark Wilson apparently gets a bit nervous, but he’s got a big jaw, so he doesn’t really look like it – he’s hard to read.

Who’s the hardest trainer?

Mark Wilson and Will Welch lead by example and Mark has been really eager since the England tour. There’s lots of guys that try and prove a point, especially in pre-season. Nemani Nagusa was hitting it hard. He was running through boys.

Who’s your sporting hero?

Alan Shearer for obvious reasons.

Who will make a good director of rugby in the future?

Joel Hodgson would make a good coach, he’d get a good backing.

Who’s your best friend at the club?

I get on really well with Josh Matavesi we play a lot together. Michael Young and Alex Tait are both good lads.

David Wilson and I go way back and he’s a good mate of mine. I played against him at Under 13s when he was playing as a 12. He’s the person I’ve known the longest.

He’s probably only put on a stone and a half since he was 12. He was frightening. Parents on the side were asking to see his passport because there was no way anyone believed he was 12. He was a freak.

Who’s the quickest in the squad?

Adam Radwan is able to move 10 per cent quicker than anyone around him. In rugby people can get reigned in, but he is something else. He’s a freak and scarily quick.

Who’s the slowest?

It’s poor Trevor Davison. He’s a very good player and only a young lad, but he’s not got speed on his side.

Who’s the worst dressed?

There’s a lot of badly dressed people at Newcastle. I get stick for wearing chino’s, apparently you’re not allowed to wear them or shorts!

I would say Will Welch is an appalling dresser, most of his gear is flannelly like long tracksuit bottoms and a flannel top. It’s as if he’s going LA fitness style. It’s weird.

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