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Teammates: Tom Howe

Teammates: Tom Howe

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

Ahead of their Premiership Rugby Cup semi-final against Saracens on Friday night, we spoke to Worcester Warriors wing Tom Howe.

Who’s the tightest in the squad? Ryan Bower – my friend roomed with him last year and he’s pretty tight with the electricity. He would get told off if he didn’t switch off the kettle and the house was always freezing in the winter because he wouldn’t be allowed to turn the heating on! Ryan would be a really bad landlord.

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Who’s the dressing room DJ? Nick Schonert’s next to the speakers, so probably him. He plays drum and house, techy stuff, gets us up before training. It’s not everyone’s taste, but it’s better than nothing.

Who’s the first on the dance floor on a night out? Everyone backs themselves on a night out, don’t they? Josh Adams. He’s pretty confident once he’s had a beer. We don’t have many dancers though.

Who’s got the worst tattoo? There’s a guy on loan from Moseley, James Williams. He’s got a tattoo on his bum. I’ve got no idea what it’s of, a little logo or something. He got it as a dare from his mates. 

Who’s most nervous before a game? Perry Humphreys gets quite nervous. You always hear gagging in the bins which is always off-putting. I never look to see who it is. Perry’s a good player but I think he works himself up a lot.

Who’s the hardest trainer? Luke Baldwin. He gets in quite early in the morning. He makes sure to get in early to do some circuit training before it all starts. He loves the gym.

Who’s your sporting hero? Probably Ronnie O’Sullivan. He’s up there in terms of dominating his sport. We’ve got a pool table at the club. I probably spend more time on the pool table than I do on the rugby pitch! We’ve had our first pool competition this year. I just won £50 from it – I’m pretty happy with that, I need it!

Who would make a good future coach? Ryan Mills. Just the more experienced lads. Wynand Olivier’s another, always active in team meetings. Ryan Mills will always have a good point during the backs meetings. It’s good for the younger lads like myself to learn from that.

Who’s your best friend in the squad? Probably the younger lads like Josh Adams, Perry, Luke Baldwin. I live in Cheltenham and it’s quite nice to have a few lads there as well. There’s a snooker club in Cheltenham and we like to go there and have a few frames.

Who’s the quickest? It’d be a good race between the back three. I’d back myself, though!

Who’s the slowest? Got to be one of the props, hasn’t it. Probably Ryan Bower. He’s getting a bit of stick, I’ll probably just get him to avoid reading this!

Who’s the most skilful? Quite a few skilful lads. Bryce Heem is pretty handy on the pitch. He’s always up there in the Premiership stats in terms of offloads. Ryan Mills as well.

Who’s the joker? Luke Baldwin. He’s pretty handy at getting the lads up after a tough day. He’s good at impressions – he does a lot of the players and coaches and he gets them pretty spot on. I think he’s got a job after rugby doing that!

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