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Teammates: Sam James

Teammates: Sam James

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

Ahead of their clash with Leicester Tigers on Friday night, which they follow with a trip to St James’ Park to take on Newcastle Falcons in The Big One later this month, we’ve talked to Sale Sharks’ Sam James.

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Who’s the tightest in the squad?

My first thought was Jono Ross but he’s not that tight, he just looks kind of tight. I’ll go with Bryon McGuigan on that one. He’s never even out, never mind buying a round!

Who’s the dressing room DJ?

I have to give it to him for his tunes in the gym – Paolo Odogwu. He takes over the tunes most days. I’d have to sub on Denny Solomona into that role to put on the slow jams now and then.

Who’s the first on the dancefloor on a night out?

Faf de Klerk. He’s got really good rhythm to be fair to him and he’s a hell of a gymnast as well. Faf’s definitely the dancer.

Who’s got the worst tattoo?

I was going to say Arron Reed because he’s just had one done, but I’d even say myself. I’ve got Peter Pan on my ribs so I’d probably be up there with having one of the worst tattoos of all. I don’t know what it’s about, I was young and stupid I guess.

Who’s the most nervous before a game?

I’d probably say Marland Yarde. I don’t know whether it’s nerves but he throws up quite a lot before games so I presume it is down to the pre-match nerves.

Who’s the most relaxed?

I’d say either Faf [de Klerk] because he’s quite relaxed as a player. Danny Cipriani was the most relaxed player I’ve ever seen in my life. He would be laughing and joking with Sammy Tuitupou right up until the start of the game.

Who’s the hardest trainer?

Ross Harrison. He’s definitely up there. He works on all his extras on the field and then he’s in the gym until 5pm most days.

Who’s your sporting hero?

It’d be a toss-up between Sonny Bill Williams and Jonny Wilkinson. It’s definitely between those two.

Who would make a good future coach?

I’ll go for Ben Curry. Both the Currys know what they’re talking about and they lead some of the meetings we have at Sale. They’ll be defensive coaches one day, just getting all their aggression out in the training sessions. They bicker quite a bit but they work together well on their analysis and they present well.

Who’s your best friend in the squad?

Jono Ross. Me and Jono spend a lot of time together now. Our partners are best friends so we’re just thrown together. I spend a lot of time with him outside of the club and he only lives round the corner from me. We go for a fair few coffees.

Who’s the quickest in the squad?

Arron Reed, one of the young lads coming through. He’s been playing a bit this year and he’s got a good bit of pace to him, especially off the mark. Hopefully we’ll see it more over the coming weeks if he gets his chance.

Who’s the slowest?

I’ll put down AJ MacGinty, just to wind him up because I always say he’s the slowest. Cam Neild as well. He’s so slow I just don’t understand it.

Who’s the most skilful?

I’d have to go for Faf again. Faf or Cam Redpath. Cam’s got quite a good skillset on him – he’s a real skilful player. He’s got a nice pass out of his hands and he loves his showboating, flicking it round his back and things like that.

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