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Teammates: Dave Ward

Teammates: Dave Ward

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates.

Ahead of Saturday’s Big Game 11 against Wasps, we quizzed Harlequins stalwart Dave Ward.

Who’s the tightest in the squad? Without question, Jack Clifford. I’ve never seen him at the bar but he’s always there at the back asking for a flat white or a beer, in some cases. He’s got a reputation for it.

Who’s the dressing room DJ? It’s George Merrick. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

Who’s the first on the dance floor on a night out? Mark Lambert. The RPA Chairman. For a big man he moves very well. He likes people to chant “The Chairman” at him when he’s dancing. He revels in that.

Who’s got the worst tattoo? There are a few. Notable mentions go to Max Crumpton and Joe Marler, but Niall Saunders has got some of the worst tattoos that you’ve ever seen. He’s got the word “Pub” tattooed on his bum.

Who’s most nervous before a game? There are a few weird characters. Kyle Sinckler is usually being sick. I don’t know if that’s just nerves or if he’s eaten too much. And Charlie Walker is a funny one because he’s constantly asking whose kick-off it is. Repetitive question asking always strikes me as nerves.

Who’s the hardest trainer? Chris Robshaw. No doubt.

Who’s your sporting hero? Roger Federer, in a complete sporting context. In the way he carries himself, and how he has reinvented his game to continue playing at the level that he has.

Who would make a good future coach? Kyle Sinckler. He does a great job as a defence coach with me at Guildford. He knows the game. He claims he wants to be the next black Director of Rugby after Paul Hull.

Who’s your best friend in the squad? Kyle Sinckler. But I get on well with everyone. Joe Marler and George Merrick, too.

Who’s the quickest? This is up for debate. Danny Care over nine metres, but there are probably 10 people who would beat him over ten metres. So, I’d have to say Charlie Walker.

Who’s the slowest? Will Collier. Collier is so slow.

Who’s the most skilful? Marcus Smith. I’m doing a bit of a disservice to Danny there, but Marcus for his age is unbelievable.

Who’s the joker? Joe Marler. He’s got good chat and is constantly hiding stuff from people. He just does generally annoying stuff that is quite funny, nothing too malicious. He always knows what’s going on in the changing room. Marler will hide things and then leave ransom notes.

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