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Richard Barrington: Teammates

Richard Barrington: Teammates

In an ongoing feature throughout the season, exclusive to, we are getting players to dish the dirt on their teammates. 

Last week we took a look at Sale Sharks through the eyes of Jono Ross, and next up it’s the turn of Saracens prop Richard Barrington.

Who’s the tightest player in the squad?

Right, now I am throwing people under the bus. I’d say him, because he is tight, but then he’s so generous in other places, but for a pint it’s probably Alex Goode. I know he does a lot of charity work, so it sounds so bad, but strictly for when it comes to getting the beers in it’s him.

Who’s the dressing room DJ?

Nick Isiekwe thinks he’s a DJ, but he’s pretty terrible at it. I don’t really like his music; he plays Drake, rap, stuff like that. I’m more chilled – a bit of rock. He does it, but he’s a terrible DJ. Billy Vunipola does some music and he’s got it for everyone, he’s much better.

Who’s the first on the dancefloor?

Juan Figallo. He loves it. His alter-ego’s called Pablo, and if Pablo’s out then he’s the first one on the dancefloor. Pablo normally comes with a moustache; he shaves his moustache in and Pablo’s in for a good dancing night. He’s a very good dancer to be fair.

Who’s got the worst tattoo?

I can’t include myself! Hayden Thompson-Stringer – he’s got a tribal one on his arm and he couldn’t be more English. It’s so bad that the boys don’t actually give him stick for it; they feel sorry for him.

Who’s the most nervous in the dressing room before a game?

I don’t think many boys are nervous, but Calum Clark is quiet. I don’t think he’s nervous; he’s clued in. He’ll be really quiet, trying to keep chatter to a minimum and just thinking about his roles. I don’t think it’s nerves, it’s just silence because he’s locked in. No-one throws up or anything.

Who’s the hardest trainer?

I’d say Jackson Wray – he trains really hard. Even in lighter sessions he’ll break the line and train at 100% even if it’s supposed to be at 70%. He’s not scared of going hard.

Who would make a good head coach or Director of Rugby in the future?

Probably Brad Barritt. His speech, his leadership, anything he says you’d just do it because of how well he says it. He’s an inspirational character.

Who’s your best friend at the club?

I’ve got a few, it depends what time of the day it is. I live quite close to Dunc (Duncan Taylor), so I spend a lot of time with him. Obviously, Bill (Billy Vunipola) has been my best mate for the last few years since I’ve been at Sarries, I get on with him really well. Vincent Koch as well; his mrs and my mrs are best friends, so I don’t know which one to upset!

Who’s the quickest?

Even on the weekend, every time Ben Spencer breaks the line I swear no-one catches him. I think he’s the fastest man alive! When he gets the ball he’s just gone. Even in conditioning games he just floats around people.

Who’s the slowest?

We did a speed test in the summer and I think I just overtook him: Dominic Day. I think he’s the slowest, just. I beat him…just.

Who’s the worst dressed?

It’s got to be one of the South Africans; I’m not sure which one, but I think their fashion is about 10 years behind the UK fashion. Some of them who’ve lived here a bit longer dress alright, but the ones who have only just come over dress like it’s the ‘90s, so any of them really.

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