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HITZ Young Ambassador winner has turned life around

HITZ Young Ambassador winner has turned life around

Last month Jake Britton was honoured for turning his life around after being becoming disillusioned as a teenager – and the Bath youngster admits his confidence has sky-rocketed.

Jake was awarded the HITZ Young Ambassador award, supported by Wooden Spoon, at a glamourous London ceremony at the BT Centre.

Jake was referred onto the programme by a South Gloucestershire youth worker in January 2017 after he dropped out of college and became despondent with life.

He has now revealed how he fell out with friends and family and became isolated, before eventually quitting his favourite sport – rugby.

“I dropped out of sixth form when my family were going through difficult issues and I lost all focus. I also lost all interest to learn and socialise with people from school,” he said.

“I fell out with members of my family and became an introvert. Since being on HITZ over the past 7 months I now feel I have come back out of my shell completely.

“I enjoy attending HITZ every day and seeing my close friends on the course. My confidence and self-belief has rocketed.”

Things have been turned around however, Jake is now a massive character in the Bath HITZ group and he is always the first to volunteer and lead activities.

Since joining HITZ in Bath, he has become a popular figure and his commitment to the cause is further demonstrated by the fact he travels over 1.5 hours a day just to take part.

Now he wants to go into coaching and leads school tag rugby festivals but he currently has multiple avenues to explore with many businesses asking for follow up interviews after he starred at the HITZ employability day.

The HITZ programme, delivered nationally by Premiership Rugby and funded by national partners Comic Relief, Land Rover and Wooden Spoon, uses rugby’s strong core values to improve life and employability skills for disadvantaged young people, underpinning success in education, life and work. See @HITZrugby for more

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