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Clive Woodward update – 16 man investigation

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Clive Woodward Transcript on www.zurichpremiership.com Tuesday, 28th October 2003Gold Coast

AT: The big story at the moment is that England seem to want to play with 16 men on the pitch?

CW: It was an error, I can assure you, yes there has been an investigation, I have only just found out about that and obviously we are co-operating fully with that investigation and that is all I can say.

AT: Obviously it was not intentional and these things happen but do you think that because we are English it might be blown up more than it should be?

CW: I sincerely hope not, I would like to think that if any team made an error like this that there has got to be an enquiry and no more than that. And clearly we are going to fully comply with what the enquiry want to do and with the detail of what actually happened and that is all I can say at this stage.

AT: What could be the result of this, can you say, could England be booted out of the World Cup?

CW: No there is an enquiry, I honestly don’t know, I don’t know how serious this enquiry is going to be, I just know the facts from our side of things. And we are putting our report together it is as simple as that.

AT: When will we know the result of all this Clive?

CW: Again I don’t know, we just found out late last night and we are sending our report back in today and I am sure that we will hear by this stage tomorrow morning what the next stage is. But I don’t think that there are any timescales on this, clearly they will want to get this sorted out by this weekends games, and as I say we are doing the utmost we can to give them all the information that they require.

AT: Are they making a mountain out of a molehill?

CW: I really don’t know, it really it is too early at this stage, we have just been asked to fill in the various bits of paper, get all the statements from the people involved and that is what we are doing.

AT: Away from all that we are up at the Gold Coast, is it rest and relaxation or are the players doing some training?

CW: There is a lot of conditioning work but they will be doing no actual rugby work till Friday, when we will do two sessions in preparation for the Uruguay game. Train Friday morning and Saturday morning and the game on Sunday. This was all planned in, we were hoping that we would be in this situation when we had won our first three games and that we were going to stay up here to play Uruguay and hopefully stay up here to play the quarter final in Brisbane. These three or four days are for the players to relax, but they are all doing their conditioning work so are still working hard at the moment. But basically have the afternoons and evenings to themselves. It is just time for them to reflect on where we are in the tournament and everything is going to plan and we are looking forward to the next stages of the tournament.



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